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A Registered Company Seal

A company stamp or company seal is the official seal used by a registered company when operating its business. It is a mandatory to put your company seal when applying for company registration, issuing checks, certifying salary payment for employees, and affix on other important documents so that it binds your company, lawful and valid according to Thai law requirements. In Thailand, a company seal is used by practically in every registered company.

  • The Appearance of your Company Seal
When register your company seal with the Department of Business Development, make sure that the appearance of your company seal follow laws, regulations of the DBD.
Some requirements are as below:
  1. Your Company Seal can only include your company logo or logo and company name either in Thai or English or both. In that case, you must specify clearly the type of your company registration (ex. Co.,Ltd., etc.). Your company name shown in the seal stamp must be exactly the same as in the company name reservation letter submitted to DBD.
  2. It must not include any marks or wordings related to dynasty, royal family, abbreviate title, royal ranks, state emblem, national flag, garuda emblem, official emblem, red cross emblem, Thailand symbols, ex. Ratchaphruek flower, Thai pavilion.
  3. Your company Seal can be either regular wooden handle one or self-inking. The color of the ink can be any color or your choice except black because blank color can’t make general public differentiate an original document with a copy.
  4. We keep your Company Stamp logo file confidential and several years, or you can also buy the file to keep it yourself so that it will come out exactly the same if you need to make more in future.
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